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GS Technology, a Division of Driscoll Inc, is a Technology Consulting and Design firm that specializes in utilizing existing IT assets to get the best utilization of these assets prior to investing in the upgrade or addition of Technology Systems.   These systems range from Infrastructure Structured Cabling to the latest in Wireless LANs Wide Area Networks, Voice and security Video over IP and  other Low Voltage deployments.

GS DocS provides a methodology to create and manage the documentation of these types of technology systems.   Virtual Cable And Asset Management Services (VCAAMS) is a service provided to assist clients in maintaining and managing their IT infrastructure and assets by creating electronic files of floorplans with the database information for each asset integrated in the floorplan. This allow clients to manage their IT infrastructure from desktop, laptop, tablet, Iphone or smartphone. 

We have years of experience to help you get the job done. When you want to get your IT to work the best way possible, we are here to assist you.

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See what our clients say about us and our services: 

Tom Edington, Superintendant, Wawasee Community Schools: "Wawasee Community Schools retained the services of Mr. Doug Driscoll and his firm GS-TECHnology, to assist with a project.  Doug has expertise and experience in areas we were lacking. He wrote specifications, solicited quotes and recommended firms to our administration and board.  Among the projects Doug completed were electronic signage for schools, a Radio/TV area for classes in our high school, intercom units for several buildings, a public address system for our spectator gymnasium, new and reworked public address systems for our outdoor athletic venues, and security camera system modifications and additions for all schools.  We have been very pleased with the quality of work and professionalism from Mr. Driscoll. He has saved our school corporation through his designs, questions, specifications and quotes.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to talk further about Doug’s work. He is great with electronics and is a really good person."

Anne Plunkett, Technology Director, Whitley County Consolidated Schools:"I have had the pleasure of working with Doug and his team for several years. At Whitley County Consolidated Schools referencing our switch experiencing an issue and  VCAAMS online we have the ability to easily locate the room, even the wall jack, where someone has created a network loop. Even though there is no system connected in the room during the loop we know quickly from VCAAMS which system should be connected and the wall jack it is typically plugged into in that room without visiting the data closet and tracing writes. Unfortunately, this happens more frequently than we you like to talk about and using VCAAMS can save us considerable time locating just this one issue. I consider VCAAMS an invaluable tool we may not use everyday but always want available."

Don Chase, Technology Director, Southwest Allen County Schools: "The ability to use VCAAMS has significantly reduced the time it takes to troubleshoot network issues. The time savings alone is cost justification to have VCAAMS. The ability to identify a port that is causing a problem, rebooting that port all from the technician's computer is where time is saved. The is also evident when an IP security camera needs to be "rebooted," all we need to do is go to VCAAMS and identify the port and shut it down then start it back up. VCAAMS help us identify those ports quickly and easily”

Mark East Senior Technology Administration, Southwest Allen County Schools:    "As the Network administrator for Southwest Allen County Schools, we have all of our wire maps in csv or printed copy which is nice, but has its limitations.  Since going to the VCAAMS system I now have an interactive Database that I can pull up a map and click on a data drop or access point and see all the relative information including the cable run, IDF, switch port, blade, room number as well as location within the room."

Elaine Bultemeier, Technology Director, Warsaw Community Schools:  “Preparing our network demands for the future is always at the forefront of any decision we make. You cannot make decisions about what you need without knowing what you have. Additionally, as more devices and systems appear on our network the demand for those services increase. We have also seen an increase in the expectations of our users that our network resources be available 24x7. Finally, our response to network outage issues must be appropriate for problem. These considerations require us to have the most up to date information about our network devices and resources. The decision to move forward with the VCAAMS project resulted in a desire to get a handle on the condition of our infrastructure and to determine our networking needs.  It (VCAAMS) uncovered our gaps and weaknesses and allowed us to address basic wiring concerns and adjust our network design. We believe this will enable us to meet the greater demands of our users and continuously improve our network services for the future.”

 T.R. Knight, IT Director, Taylor University:  "Like many Universities, Taylor has buildings of various ages and levels of technology. Newer buildings are well documented while older buildings minimal if any documentation available.  The communications infrastructure grew as the University did.  Without documentation, additions and repairs to communications cables in older buildings required pathways to be traced manually for confirmation.  The VCAAMS™ product from GS DocS helped us document and visualize our in-building cable plant. We can now more quickly identify communications pathways for troubleshooting and new installations.”